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Coming Home

When Jennifer heads back to her hometown after ten years to celebrate her grandmother's 70th birthday, she knows she'll have to face Matthew, once the love of her life. But what both of them don't expect is to have the feelings they had long buried inside to flourish back to life along with walls of resentment, and a sizzling attraction.


Worth The Fight

After a long night of work, the dread of being cornered by two drunks is the last thing Andie needs. But when a ruggedly handsome stranger steps in to help, she doesn't expect him to be the world's current UFC champion - neither for him to make his way into her heart.


More Than Friends

After having her heart broken, the last thing Alexia expects is to befriend single dad Lucas, the hot neighbor carrying lots of baggage. He says they should be friends since they want different things from life. But as they spend more and more time together, will they be able to ignore their sizzling attraction?


Sweet Spot

After having her heart broken, Lisa has sworn off men and now spends her time growing her business while living a celibate/single life. But when a charming vet with a heart of gold barges into her life, she'll need to decide if she's ready to open her heart and risk having it broken again.

Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Annie Spratt
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