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best friend's brother | rockstar

When romance writer Joanna Wilson catches her boyfriend cheating, she sees her own happily ever after going down the drain.

However, what should've been one of the worst moments of her life turns out to be a blessing in disguise when her best friend suggests she travels to her parents' beach house for a much-needed escape and an opportunity to write a new book. 

Without thinking twice, she jumps at the chance to get her life back on track, not expecting to find rock star Gabriel Morales - aka her best friend's older brother and lifelong crush - only wrapped in a towel the moment she opens the door.

They've known each other their whole lives so they decide there's no harm in spending summer together - especially when they both need a break from the world.

But when the sizzling attraction they've been nurturing for each other over the years comes out to play, they'll need to decide if they're ready to play with fire and confront the dark secrets that hover over their heads.

The Billionaire's Offer.png


second chance | fake relationship

Emma has dedicated her life to helping women escape abusive relationships. So, when the women's shelter she poured her heart into goes up in flames, she's determined to rebuild it, no matter what it takes.

The last thing she expects, though, is that the help she needs will come in the form of Asher Sullivan – the only man she’s ever really loved and the one she’s tried so hard to forget.

Once upon a time, Asher was everything Emma thought she wanted in a man. Apart from being smoking hot, he was charming, funny, and her rock when she most needed him.

But when life got rough, he bailed, leaving Emma heartbroken and struggling to move on.

Now, years later, he's back with an offer that seems almost too good to be true – ten million dollars and a promise of financial security for life.

The catch? She’ll have to agree to a fake marriage so he can save his family's business.

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billionaire| fake marriage

How far would you go to save the only family you've ever known?


Olivia, a lifelong optimist, has just graduated from college and is about to start a new job when she gets the earth-shattering news that her dad is ill. Scared, she drops everything and moves home to be with him. 


While walking on the beach one day, she runs into the most attractive man she has ever laid eyes on. The chemistry between them is sizzling from the first moment. 

Turns out, he is rich, successful, and battling the demons of a past relationship that has left him broken. But when he finds out that Livy needs help paying for her dad's medical bills, he jumps to her rescue. 

The catch: they have to pretend to be happily married for at least one year. Enough time for her to get the trust fund money her grandma left her so that she can pay him back, and enough time for him to change his bad boy reputation. But things get complicated when feelings and a burning desire enter the picture.



small town| second chance

Jennifer Bloom left her small town to chase her dreams at eighteen. Now, she's a successful interior designer living the life she's always wanted.


But when she's called back home to help plan her grandmother's 70th birthday party, she'll have to deal with Matthew Hunt - the only man she's ever loved.

Once, they thought they'd be spending their lives together, but life threw them a curveball, forcing her to make the decision to leave and never look back. 

Now, they realize love was never an issue; their problem has always been everything in-between. Walls of resentment still block their way, even though their love for each other still burns strong in their hearts.

Can true love bridge the distance between them?  Will love be enough to make their relationship work this time?



neighbors| single dad

Alexia Grey used to believe in soul mates and fairy tales until her own prince charming broke her heart and confidence along with all her plans for the future.

Deciding to move to another city to start over and build a new life, she's ready to focus on herself and her new job.


What she's not ready for is to meet her new neighbor.


Lucas Hart, the single dad of the most adorable little boy. The nice guy with warm eyes, an easy smile, and a hot body that makes her mind go blank.

They want different things in life. He's warned her he's full of baggage. But, neither of them can keep their distance. 

They say they should be friends. But how can two people be friends when they are so attracted to each other? 



friends to lovers

Lisa has sworn off men. Leaving a past of bad choices and meaningless relationships behind, she's focused on growing her bakery while embracing a celibate/single life.


The last thing she expects is to have her plans shaken by Thomas, a sexy vet with a golden heart and cute smile.


He's got wanderlust in his blood and is trying to make the world a better place. She needs roots and stability to feel sane.


They have nothing in common besides the attraction that sizzles every time they are together. So, they say they should be just friends.


But what happens when the lines of their friendship get blurred and they're forced to analyze how they really feel for each other and what they really want from life?



short story | fake relationship

As much as Hailey loves her mom to death, she's tired of her constant nagging about her being single.


So, when her favorite holiday arrives, all she wants is to spend some quality time with her family. And for that, she comes up with a brilliant idea: pretending she's engaged to her roommate Chris.


After all, there's nothing wrong with a little lie to keep the Christmas spirit alive during the festivities, right?

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